Decisions. Decisions. How To Move Forward.

We have an endless world of data and research resources at our finger tips. And sometimes we’re paralyzed by it. Unable to move forward until all available information has been thoroughly considered. We delay decisions, telling ourselves we need to more thoroughly vet all possible alternatives. Sometimes this is called due diligence, but sometimes this […]

Three Things I (Don’t) Know By Now

Some posts don’t come out easy. I start and stop them. Over and over again. I may have more posts in draft than are published. I came across a prompt that said “what are three things you should know by now?” and this is what came out.

Cover-Your-Ass Marketing

Have you ever seen an ad with too many bullet points? Or a powerpoint? Or web page? Who decided to throw every possible brand attribute onto one page? What happened during the creative process that left the customer with so much reading to do?

Complexity Is Easy

We often think of complex systems as something to be admired. And in some cases, they should be (like Google’s algorithms or The Wire). But too often we make our lives and work unnecessarily complex.

Increasing Conversion With Dressing Rooms

Why are dressing rooms always in the back of stores? They can be hard to find (looking at you J.C. Penny), usually on the periphery. In past posts we’ve looked at how in-store sampling increases sales (free samples in grocery stores). So aren’t dressing rooms essentially a vehicle for in-store sampling…of clothes?

Creating Observable Behavior

Here’s the challenge: taking a product or service that most people consume in a non-public way and making it publicly visible. If you’re Ford Motor Company, then the cars you make are mobile billboards for your brand. But what if you’re the local car dealership who sells those cars? How do you take the sales […]

Canned Laugh Tracks: 5 Examples of Social Proof

People imitate what others do. We do this because the actions of others provide us with intel on a given situation. Psychologists call this “social proof,” which is a phenomenon where people imitate the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. We follow suit because it reduces our […]

We Were Promised Jetpacks …

If you graduated from college between 2006 and today, you’re part of a generation dealing with a new normal. With freshly pressed college degrees in hand, we walked optimistically into the great recession. It was/is hard.  Today our cherished college degrees aren’t getting us the jobs we want, to pay for the houses we can’t […]

Honesty and Connection

The content creation machine is out of control.  With corporate blogs cranking out pages of seemingly innocuous content, choking the internet to the gills with re-purposed “Top 5” lists, we’re losing sight of what quality writing is. What’s missing in this flood of content is risk, the risk of being disagreed with, the risk of […]

The Power of Stories: 3 Examples

Facts, data, and statistics are great. They help to root claims in reality. However, they’re just cold numbers, and numbers are hard to put into context. But stories are vivid and memorable and our brains are hardwired to recall and react to them. Here are three examples of how storytelling can be used to positively […]