Improving Productivity By Letting Things Go

I’ve been thinking a lot about quitting. The idea of quitting. When people first hear the word “quitting,” they think of acquiescence, of giving up. They think of quitting jobs, and sports teams, and relationships. But, what about quitting in terms of focus? In terms of how much energy and mind space is taken up […]

Thrashing: Why Your Project Slipped

If you manage projects of any type, you know what thrashing is. Thrashing is changing things on a project. It’s to beat on a design (or concept) via criticism and feedback. With thrashing, timing is everything. There’s an appropriate time for edits and then there’s a terrible (and expensive) time for edits. If thrashing happens early […]

Are We Solving For the Wrong Problems?

We tackle problems every day. Different people solve problems differently. Some tackle them head on, some take a step back and ponder, and some simply react with the first solution that pops into their head. None of these approaches are always right and none of these are always wrong. Different problems call for different approaches.

We Want Less: How The Number of Choices Affects Happiness

We all want choices. In general more choices represents more freedom, specifically more freedom of decision making. And in this day and age, the internet has provided us with seemingly endless choices for everything. There are over 13,044 different men’s shoes choices on Zappos. Netflix offers over 100,000 titles. And somehow this makes us unhappy. […]

Social Proof and the Netflix Binge Watching Survey

Are you watching closely? Netflix recently contracted Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey about how its users view TV shows. The survey found that a majority of streaming television viewers in the United States enjoy binge-viewing (watching TV episodes back-to-back) and feel that it makes shows more enjoyable. So we all love marathoning Breaking Bad, who […]

The Fear of Being Found Out

We keep quiet. In meetings. Around the dinner table.  At the bar. We keep quiet. We talk, of course we talk, but we hold back. We don’t venture to offer those visceral responses or truest of true feelings we hold dear. Instead we filter them out and suppress them down in hopes to remain in the […]

I Worked For a Start Up. And It Failed.

When I first left the agency world, I wanted to do something different, something better, more fulfilling, and more meaningful. After a brief stint as a substitute teacher (don’t ask), I joined a promising young startup company with a vision of making the internet a safer place for kids. Sounded like an adventure, and maybe, […]