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12 Ways To Improve the Web Developer & Account Manager Relationship [Slideshare]

Sometimes it seems like we’re from different planets. Web developers talk in code (literally), and account people talk in deadlines. But we all have the same end goal. This presentation examines the complicated relationship between these two very different sides of the same team, and will outline several strategies to improve this sometimes-strained relationship.

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Why Your Meeting Notes Matter

One of the first lessons I learned when I started out as an agency intern was about taking good notes. After leaving an exceptionally long meeting one day, a mentor of mine gave me very detailed instructions about how I should send my notes to the team. Instructions I still think about today.

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The 1 Critical Question That Should Keep You Up At Night

There is one simple question that helps bring all business and marketing decisions into a sobering clear focus. This question should be painted across the walls conference rooms everywhere. It’s a question all marketers should be using to clearly select and articulate the differentiators they should be promoting. And it’s a question far too few businesses […]

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Beware Of Any Tasks That Require a Second Meeting

Make every communication as actionable as possible. If you write someone an email, or leave a voicemail, give them enough information to make a decision. Don’t leave a meeting or hang up on a call until everyone knows what they should be doing next. If you find that you continually need a followup meeting, or […]

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4 Professions That Are Better At Planning Than Marketers

Marketers are the chasers of shiny things. In this field, flexibility can be a more desired trait than being a good planner. Why? Because it’s generally accepted that we work in a chaotic environment. Therefore constant triage is more of the day-to-day experience than dilligent execution of a strategic plan. This is not ideal. Here’s […]

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Why I Want You To Listen To Serial, Hate Mushrooms or Be From My Hometown

Wait what? Hear me out. I spend a lot of time crafting marketing messaging. Always considering the mighty unique value proposition or the key differentiators or the Why-To-Buy statement. You know, standard marketing best practices. And I can’t help but think we might be losing something in the process. What is lost is the reason […]

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3 Reasons Why You’re Thinking About Trust (and Your Team) All Wrong

While reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, I was struck by how important the first dysfunction (“Absence of Trust”) is. At first glance it seems straightforward, but it’s not. It’s not one of those touchy-feely issues. And it doesn’t have anything to do with trust falls. It’s a foundational issue that’s commonly ignored as […]

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Why Company Perks Don’t Matter.

There’s a lot of talk about “company culture” these days. Generally companies believe they have culture if they offer employees perks like Ping-Pong tables, Nerf guns, flex time or beer Fridays. But companies who feel they can create culture by simply offering frat-house-style perks, are missing a fundamental understanding of what productive company culture is.

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