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Mind The Gap: How Comparison Causes Stress

According to sociologist Robert Merton much strain is caused by the discrepancy between culturally defined goals and the institutionalized means available to achieve these goals. And while this statement is driven by an explanation for why crime occurs (meaning if there’s no legit way to make money I’ll just steal), it highlights why comparison causes […]

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Offline Is More Interesting.

Why are some of the most shared pieces of media focused around things that are strictly offline? The obvious answer is that, of course, offline is where most things happen, what many people refer to as “the real world.” This is likely subjective on my part, but the stories I share the most are about […]

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Evolving Roles.

When Google rolled out the Panda update Rand Fishkin said: “So, Panda kind of means something new and different for SEO. As SEOs, we never really had to think as much or as broadly about, ‘What is the experience of this website? Is it creating a brand that people are going to love and share […]

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Creating Content Is Hard.

But it seems easy. We read blogs all the time. We’re inundated with content from every direction. Especially people blogging about marketing, usually as part of their own marketing strategy. The sheer volume of all the blogs out there make the medium seem accessible, which is misleading. Jason Fried says “do the never.” Find an […]

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