The Medium Is The Message

It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it. In fact the “how” significantly impacts the “what.” Don’t tell me how cool you are, show me. The choice of medium plays an important role in how your story is told.

Ship It Like SNL

Perfection is impossible. And worse still, it’s subjective. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Saturday Night Live thrives on shipping what is good this week. The format of the show does not allow for the pursuit of perfection. It improvises in the face of bad material. Some sketches are hilarious […]

The Von Restorff Effect

Why do we remember the things we do? Why are certain messages or images memorable? Not just in advertising, but in the larger world? How do we process the worlds around us? To understand this we need to go back, way back.

3 Examples of The Anchoring Bias in Marketing

In 1974 cognitive psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky identified what is known as the “anchoring heuristic.”  A heuristic is essentially a mental shortcut or rule of thumb the brain uses to simplify complex problems in order to make decisions (also known as a cognitive bias). The anchoring bias describes the common human tendency to […]

What Working at Market Basket Taught Me About Management

Remember your first job? I do. I started work at Demoulas Market Basket — a prominent grocery store in New Hampshire and Massachusetts — when I was 15, bagging groceries, pushing carts, etc,. When you work in the checkout (called “the front end”) you’re either a bagger, cashier, assistant front end manager, or front end […]

Appearance = Reality

Do first impressions matter? Do we make decisions based on information we collect in the first minute of an experience? As in turns out, in many cases a first impression is all the brain needs to make a decision. Take ancient cavemen for example, if something looks like a lion, then it is a lion. […]

Broken Windows Theory and The Office

Your work environment matters. The desks, the chairs, the paint color, the pictures on the wall, and of course, your coworkers. These elements create a landscape that sends a signal to employees encouraging them to act in certain ways. Often times, you’ll hear how creative professionals need to work in an inspirational/creative environment. This “inspiration” […]

Social Media: The Comparison Machine

First off, calm down, this is not a Facebook-hating post. The following is an observation of an interaction that takes places on a platform that just happens to be called Facebook, and its resulting effect. But first, let’s lay the groundwork, which requires an understanding of comparison.