Beware Of Any Tasks That Require a Second Meeting

Make every communication as actionable as possible. If you write someone an email, or leave a voicemail, give them enough information to make a decision. Don’t leave a meeting or hang up on a call until everyone knows what they should be doing next. If you find that you continually need a followup meeting, or […]

4 Professions That Are Better At Planning Than Marketers

Marketers are the chasers of shiny things. In this field, flexibility can be a more desired trait than being a good planner. Why? Because it’s generally accepted that we work in a chaotic environment. Therefore constant triage is more of the day-to-day experience than dilligent execution of a strategic plan. This is not ideal. Here’s […]

Why Company Perks Don’t Matter.

There’s a lot of talk about “company culture” these days. Generally companies believe they have culture if they offer employees perks like Ping-Pong tables, Nerf guns, flex time or beer Fridays. But companies who feel they can create culture by simply offering frat-house-style perks, are missing a fundamental understanding of what productive company culture is.