The 1 Critical Question That Should Keep You Up At Night

by | Aug 4, 2015


There is one simple question that helps bring all business and marketing decisions into a sobering clear focus. This question should be painted across the walls conference rooms everywhere. It’s a question all marketers should be using to clearly select and articulate the differentiators they should be promoting. And it’s a question far too few businesses ask themselves.

Ready for it?

How can we become the company that would put us out of business?

This question is a direct quote from Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Hospitality Group. Yes, it’s basically just the “WT” part of a “SWOT” analysis, but it asks for more specific answers.

This question should lead you to more questions. Think through how your competitors would attack you. How they would try to displace you? What they would say to your prospects during their sales meetings? How would they undercut you? How would they outperform you?

Want to take this thinking to the next level?

Put together an actual plan for how you would take your own company down. Actually do it. Spend an hour with your leadership team and whiteboard it out. Be your fiercest competitor and try to dismantle your company, piece by piece. You’d be surprised by what opportunities might surface.



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