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About the Site

This site takes aim at dispelling commonly-held ideas that are no longer true, so you can focus on what matters and live a better life.

Kinda Weird Name Though…

There’s this quote from Sir Ken Robinson that’s always stuck with me:

“There are ideas that all of us are enthralled to, which we simply take for granted as the natural order of things, the way things are. And many of our ideas have been formed, not to meet the circumstances of this century, but to cope with the circumstances of previous centuries. But our minds are still hypnotized by them, and we have to disenthrall ourselves of some of them.”  –Source

So that’s the driving force behind many of the topics tackled on this site. Look at an idea we generally take for granted (that we may be enthralled with), then break it down and look at it from a different perspective. The goal being to see things more clearly.

Who Writes This Stuff?

Hi, I’m Chris Getman.

I’ve always been interested in sociology, and psychology, specifically what makes people act the way they do? What motivates them individually, and what motivates groups of people? Following those interests inevitably lead me to a career in marketing, and in my spare time I use this site to work through ideas I’m curious about.

Find me on Twitter. Or at Vital. Or email me.