How To Charge More for a Hamburger

by | Jul 13, 2015

How To Charge More for a Hamburger

by | Jul 13, 2015


What’s the difference between a high-end brand and an average brand?

The details. And how the details are described.

It’s all about creating perceived value.

Here’s how Applebee’s describes their burger:

applebees burger descriptionAnd here’s how gourmet burger joint, BRGR Bar, describes theirs:

brgr bar menu

Listen, they’re both burgers.

You can choose to describe the minor details (like where the meat is sourced and the type of mayo used) or you can choose not to. There’s probably a better story that Applebee’s could tell about their burgers, they could improve perceived value, but they don’t.

You can make this comparison with anything. Rolls Royce dedicates more pages in their brochure to the leather used on their seats than Hyundai does to describe an entire car.

These are the small touches. The things someone had to really think about for them to even exist. It’s the attention to these details that high end brands excel at promoting. Same basic concept (a hamburger, a car), better details.

Oftentimes the impressive details that differentiate a business or product might already be there, just buried or overlooked.


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